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An Engagement Surrounded by Monarch Butterflies

01.19.2019 | Michoacan, Mexico

Engagement Photography

We met Erica & Fernando because his cousin, Dani, invited us to a day trip with his family. They were going to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacán and of course, we were really excited about it.

The plan was to tag along with them and take photos like any other day. What was actually going to happen is that Fernando was going to propose to Erica and we were going to take the photos of the big moment!

So, we met with our friends early in the morning and made our way to the Sanctuary. It was about two and half hours to get there and the road got a little tricky when closer to the place but nothing major. The ticket entrance is $45.00 Mexican pesos and it takes around two hours to do the whole tour; you can do it by foot, horse or car but recommend the walking option, by far.

We finally got there, meet with the family and had some quesadillas and tacos for breakfast in a little restaurant by the entrance. After that, we met with the guides and stated the tour through the park.

Naturally, we were taking photos like we always do. The Sanctuary is such an incredible place. It is full with big, tall trees and those trees are filled with monarch butterflies. The light is very yellow and the weather is humid and cold.

We were all really excited and nervous because we needed to act very normal so Erica wouldn’t suspect a thing. At some point, the guides made a detour and took us to a different part of the Sanctuary that was even more full with butterflies. It was such a beautiful and special place because it wasn’t open to the public, so the butterflies we more in their natural habitat.

The moment had come, and so Fernando took Erica to a little walk just the two of them. They were talking and suddenly, he got on one knee and popped the question! Of course we were all prepared with the cameras and phones and we all wanted to scream of joy but had to be very quiet for the butterflies.

She was so surprised and of course she said yes! Everyone was so happy! We started taking a couple of pictures of them and then continued with the rest of the tour.

After that, we went to celebrate and have some food in one of the restaurants near by We started talking about the wedding plans, the honeymoon and their lovely story. We were having a really good time with them.

Then, they asked us if we wanted to photograph the big wedding in Los Angeles later that Fall, and of course we said yes! The whole day was super emotional and happy. We loved meeting Dani’s family and couldn’t wait fo the wedding.

Many congratulations to Erica & Fernando! And special thanks to Dani, Val and their family.


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