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A Weekend Getaway to Joshua Tree National Park

January 2019 | Joshua Tree, California

It was the first weekend of the new year, 2019! We were still in Mexicali at my uncle’s and decided to do a last mini trip to the Joshua Tree National Park.

So we packed the car and head up north. We stopped by Jack in the Box for a quick lunch and continue our way to JT. As closer as we got, the landscape started changing and all these funny looking trees started popping out.

We finally got to Joshua Tree and went directly to the park. It was golden hour and the scenery was so different and peculiar. We started taking photos, climbing rocks and just driving around the park. Went to the main Park Boulevard, Skull Rock, Jumbo Rocks, and some other trails.

It got late quickly and we were so hungry so we went downtown for some pizza and got right back to the park. We wanted to take some photos of the stars so we needed the sky to be darker. We kept driving around the park until we found a couple of spots we liked for the photos.

We put on a couple of layers of clothes because it was getting so cold and Lalo was going to teach me how to take photos of the stars. We turned on our lamps and got out of the car. It was really dark out there and we could barely see the rocks and trees around us. We took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the night sky. There were so many stars, it was unbelievable!

After that, we head back to the Airbnb, it was a lovely room in a desert house. The next day we got up early and went back to the park for a while. This time we visited the Hidden Valley Trail and some other parts of the park.

Took some more photos and went downtown to have some lunch before going back to Mexicali. We were on a tight schedule because our flight back to Mexico City was leaving that night and we needed to get to the house and pack everything.

It was such a fun getaway. Exactly what we needed to end our holiday trip and start the new year. We loved Joshua Tree and can’t wait to go back again!


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