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A Lovely Spring Wedding in Mexico

03.23.2019 | Cuernavaca, Mexico

Wedding Photography

Brenda and Roberto are Moni’s good friends from high school, so they go way back. We were so excited when they invited us to their wedding and asked Moni to be one of their wedding witnesses that we could not wait fo the date to come.

Although, this time we were going as guests and not as photographers, which is hard for us because we’re always wanting to take tons of photos. Anyway, we did get a chance to take a few pics of them but mostly we enjoyed the whole event, which we don't normally have the chance to do so.

The wedding planner, Andrea Pluma, who also happens to be a good friend of us, perfectly planned this event with her team. The wedding had place in a beautiful garden with a waterfall and a classic vintage decoration that perfectly matched the venue vibes and season.

The whole event was so lovely and emotional, our friends were beyond happy. We partied for a long time and then the night ended with a big fireworks show, it was the cherry on top of a perfect day.

Big congratulations to our friends Brenda & Roberto! May your life together be full of magic.


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